Roof Repair in Panama City FL

Unfortunately, at this time, due to high current volume, we are unable to take on any new roofing projects! If you're currently signed up with us, don't worry, we've got you covered!
If a roof is leaking or appears to be damaged, that doesn’t automatically mean it should be replaced. In many cases, we can repair a roof and solve these common problems:

  • Roof penetrations such as pipe boots & exhaust vents
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Wall to roof connections
  • Roof valleys and roof pitch transition areas
  • Screw seal failures on metal roofing
  • Improper edge detail which can cause rotting at the eaves
  • Improper low-slope roofing material and installation which is susceptible to ponding water.

Sometimes cleaning a roof can help solve a problem. If a roof collects a lot of tree debris that is not cleared regularly, especially in low-pitched areas or valleys, water will not drain away quickly enough. This can cause water to back up under the roofing material and create a leak. If you have a shingled roof, we recommend removing tree debris with a leaf blower as opposed to sweeping off debris with a broom. A broom can be abrasive to the roof, removing valuable aggregate granules which protect the asphalt. Contact us if you need help removing built up tree debris on your roof.

We’ll gladly inspect your roof to help you identify the problem and determine if you need our roof repair in Panama City FL
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