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January 24, 2022
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May 17, 2022

What your She Sheds needs!

Why, She Shed?

Need a sanctuary to unwind? Maybe you could use a space to focus more on the hobbies you love? If your house is overrun by your spouse, children, and pets, and you are looking for a space that is your own. Look no further than your own She Shed! Use your She Shed to make flower arrangements, to write and read, for crafting, yoga and exercise, make it a home office. Make it yours!


What’s your style when it comes to a She Shed? Shabby chic? Farm House? Maybe you’re into neutrals? Whatever it is, here are some things you will need to spruce it up:

Cute Candles – This will contribute to the yummy smells and provide extra comfort.

Storage Shelves – Give yourself a place to store things that are also a cute decoration.

Single Serve Coffee maker – This one’s self explanatory. You need it!

Wall décor – Add your favorite quote, band or that pretty picture you found at Hobby Lobby that you just had to have.

Plants – Some people love them and others can’t keep them alive longer than a day. They do make fake ones if you want the look without the work.

Doormat – A cute doormat welcomes you into your space and also keeps the dirt out of your She Shed.

Flowers for the window seal – Depending on the She Shed you buy you may want flowers out front.


When you are spending time in your She She you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Add a lounge chair, blankets, pillows, a small side table to hold drinks and snacks, a soft rug, large floor pillows for extra seating and essential oils to help you relax. 


Some “essentials” to think of when it comes to your She Shed!

Bluetooth® Speaker – Music lovers unite! Adding music can make your She Shed even more like you! Whether its rain sounds, 90s Country or Today’s hits you’ll want something to keep your mind occupied. For all you podcast lovers this is a great option for you as well!

Space Heater – It may get cold out and your do not want to add an entire unit to your She Shed to stay warm.

Craft Table – For those of you who love to create things add a small table to your She Shed.

Mini Fridge – Keep sodas, special water you want to keep away from the kids and of course, wine!


Want a She Shed that helps you get more active? Add Fit bands, a yoga mat, a weight set, and you’ve got yourself a She Shed gym! Keep yourself motivated with inspirational quotes on the wall. You could even add a mirror to get the full effect of a regular gym. Stay motivated! Keep your protein powder, healthy drinks, and snacks in She Shed so you can stay on track.

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