Clear out your existing garage! Empty those spare rooms in your house! Increase the value of your property! And for goodness sakes get out of the rental storage unit!

Buy it! Lease it! Rent! Finance it! Because ALL of OUR options lead to you OWNING IT!

Don’t Pay Forever, pay a little while and OWN it forever!!

See our Excellent options below!
(There are no penalties for early payoff with any of these companies.)

City Leasing – City leasing is a NO CREDIT CHECK program. Anyone is APPROVED. City Leasing also offers an early pay off with no penalty. They require a min of 10% down, the more you put down the less your payments will be. The payment will range anywhere from $80 – $190 a month on a term from 36 or 48 months.

Citizen State Bank (CSB) – Beacon Score of 650+ required. Interest rates are between 9.95% – 17.95% depending on beacon score. CSB offers between 24 – 72 month term leases. Home ownership is a must for financing with this company out of Newberry, FL. A down payment may be required depending on how much you are approved for. Come down to our office and fill out an application.
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