Recent Garage Projects

A garage is one of the most versatile storage solutions available. Besides having a fully enclosed space to house your vehicle(s), room for shelving, cabinetry and wall panels can be custom built in. Your portable garage in Panama City to match the look of your home including siding and roofing material. It also can be constructed per the requirements of your Homeowner Association bylaws.

Problem: The paint on your vehicle has become splotchy from exposure to harmful UV rays, and there are golf ball-shaped dents on the roof and hood from hail damage.

Solution: Auto owners see the benefits of keeping their vehicles under cover. Paint looks newer longer and risk for damage is greatly reduced along with auto insurance premiums.

A Few of Our Happy Garages Customers...

The installation crew members and leaders representing Tool Time in Panama City Florida are excellent. My husband and I have two projects, a shed and a garage. Crew members worked diligently and demonstrated skills and abilities required to get the job done. The leaders of the crew provided the leadership skills necessary to complete the jobs with precision. The leaders communicated with us and answered in a professional manner.

Rose Mccoy

Tool Time has done exceptional work at my home over the years, both prior to Hurricane Michael and after. The built my 24X32 detached garage, my 12X20 storage building and then replaced my Car Port after the storm. The sales staff and construction staff have always been first class, and their work is second to none. I would 100% recommend them to anybody in the Panama City/Bay County market areas.

Charlie Haas

Great!!!!! I asked them to do something a little out of their wheelhouse but Holly sat with me and got the basic design down. From there engineering got the plans drawn and approved and we we’re ready to go. Nick and the stall crew had he main structure up in a few days. The only snag was that/the trusses were late so we missed my desired completion date which really wasn’t a big issue. The install crew was great, professional and worked together exceptionally well. I chose Tooltime because of their reputation in the area and due to the fact even after Hurricane Michael many of their structures in the area withstood the storm. I shopped around compared prices but no one else was willing to do what I wanted since I wasn’t doing a “standard” building. I don’t anticipate having to do another building but if I do I know where I’m going!

Skip Oliver