Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoy the fresh air in an outdoor living space right outside your front or back door. Add a covered porch or extend your existing one to create the feel of a living room in the open air.

Adding an awning to your porch, deck or patio makes that extra living space more usable. Awnings protect these areas from full-sun exposure, which means you can enjoy that space in the mid-afternoon sun or any time of day.
Property owners choose aluminum awnings for economical reasons, too. Shading windows and glass doors from streaming sunlight can help reduce electric bills in the summer months. They keep inside temperatures cooler and protect your outdoor furniture and carpets from sun damage.

Screened Rooms
Screened rooms and sun rooms have a special way of bringing the outside in. They provide the perfect place for bird-watching, keeping an eye on children while they play or simply relaxing.
Having an enclosed space with your furnishings under cover gives furnishings and fabrics a longer life and keeps them clean.
We can help turn your existing porch or patio into a screened-in room, or build you an aluminum, sunroom with windows that open and close to give you the option of fresh air, or air conditioning.
  • Winston Chester of Southport
    I went by the shop and sat down with them and told them what I wanted and what size it needed to be. They came out to the property and built me a screened-in 12’ by 48’ room at my camp that I use as a kitchen to cook my fish. My wife, children and grandchildren use it when we can get away and fish, which isn’t nearly enough. We love it. It’s perfect. It’s exactly what I wanted. Winston Chester of Southport
    Winston Chester of Southport
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