Don’t Neglect Your Garden Shed When You Do Home Repair

When you’re performing your home maintenance during the spring and summer, one of the most common places that you look is the roof. You want to know if you have to do roof repair or contact a roofing company for a new installation. It’s only natural that this is where your priorities lie. After all, a roof should be inspected at least once or twice a year depending on climate and the materials used.

But while you’re checking the asphalt shingles on the roof of your home, you should also make sure that you check on top of your storage or garden sheds, too.

Many homeowners have storage sheds on the property where they keep their lawn care equipment or their tools. And these sheds, like your home, can suffer wear and tear throughout the seasons. They need to be properly taken care of in order to be in the best condition. If you want to keep your garden shed standing and sturdy for years to come, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Check The Roof
Naturally, there are several ways that you can perform maintenance on a garden shed. The first is to check the roof, making sure that the shingles (assuming that shingles were used in its construction) are in good shape. If your shed has a metal roof, you’ll want to check for any loose screws or components, corrosion, as well as dents from fallen limbs, etc. Regardless of your shed’s roof type, you want to be sure there is no tree debris built up on it. This can cause roof leaks by not allowing rain to escape the roof fast enough, backing up under the roof material laps. Check the inside ceiling for any signs of leaks, as water intrusion can lead to major damage if not stopped.

Inspect Walls And Floors
You’re also going to want to check the walls and the flooring. A crack in the wrong spot can lead to rodents getting inside, or an issue with structural integrity. Both of these situations are not the things you want to be dealing with when you’re preparing for the coming seasons.

Don’t Use Dirt
You should also avoid using dirt to fill in the spaces under or around the shed. This is especially important if you’re considering dirt as a filler in direct contact with the shed’s structure. A lot of individuals will use dirt to fill in “air space” that forms over time, and this can harm wooden structures by making them damp and allowing water inside when it has run-off against the siding.

This only really happens when there’s too much dirt piled up, but you can never be too careful.

You invested money in building your garden shed, don’t waste that investment by letting it fall into disrepair. When you’re performing your annual home maintenance and repairs, make sure you remember to check the shed too.

3 Reasons a Gazebo Could Be the Perfect Addition to Your Lawn

There’s no better feeling than knowing you invested in a quality home improvement project. Something like building a fence, installing a new garage, or even having a roof repair done can be a fantastic contributor to your home’s overall value. But these things can be expensive, and though something like metal roofing can last 50 years or more and save 25% on your annual energy bill, the initial investment isn’t worth it to some.

But that’s where gazebos can break the mold.

Gazebos, aside from being less expensive to build, can add an elegant feeling to a home or backyard. They also require less initial investment and can be used as part of a landscaping project, effectively increasing your lawn’s curb appeal.

But there are more benefits to a gazebo than just increasing your home’s value. To help you get a feeling for what those could be, we’ve outlined a few of the more common benefits for you to consider:

Design Variety
A gazebo is flexible in terms of its design options. You can just as easily place it in a hidden spot as you can smack in the middle of your front lawn. Not only that, but you can use it as protection from sun, rain, and all manner of other elements that might rain on your parade. In addition, you’ll have numerous options for walls that include full, partial, or even screened barriers.

Diverse Uses
Because it can be either open or have walls, your gazebo can serve a great many purposes. It can be used as a wedding venue, an intimate space for quiet conversations, an outdoor kitchen, or even as a shelter for your hot tub or grill. This means you can enjoy any activity without much concern for the weather.

Cost Effective
Compared to most other outdoor structures, you can purchase or build a gazebo yourself for a relatively low price. If you have knowledge of what materials you need and access to appropriate blueprints, it can be pretty easy to create. And the materials are not too expensive. If you’d rather purchase your newest lawn addition, there are numerous outdoor companies, including ours, that can help you find the perfect piece for your lawn.

If you have questions concerning gazebos or other outdoor structures, let this short guide be your answer. There’s no need to debate whether or not a gazebo is for you when there are so many options available. What are you waiting for?