4 Ways to Add to Your Deck This Fall

Coffee in the morning, afternoons in the garden, and nights on the grill cooking for the whole family! Cooler weather has come and we are all itching to get outside. Make your deck as cozy as your home so that you can get your use out of it this fall. Here are some ideas to help spruce things up on your deck this fall!

1. Lighting

Lights are just one of the many ways to dress up your deck this fall! Below are a few different types of lighting methods you can use:

  • String Lights – These popular lights use low power compared to functional lights. They even come in solar powered form.
  • Lanterns – Lanterns are a great form of outdoor lighting because they are lightweight and easy to move.
  • Motion Sensored Lights – This type of lighting is great for those who prefer to have light only when you are outside and need it.

2. Warmth

Fall time can get quite chilly so you want to make sure you keep the family warm while they’re outside! Below are a few ways you can keep you and your family warm this fall:

  • Hot Tub/Spas – Finding an inexpensive inflatable hot tub or spa is an easy and cost effective option.
  • Portable Heaters – Portable heaters are tall, don’t take up much room, and are usually fueled by propane. They are up and out of the way while keeping you cozy.
  • Outdoor Blankets – You can find outdoor blankets at most sporting goods stores.

3. Decor

Decorating your deck this fall will make it yours!

  • Pumpkins – Pumpkins are a great way to get in the spirit of fall! Carve some on the deck with family and friends and use them as decorations after.
  • Mums – A fall time favorite! They look beautiful when bloomed, come in multiple colors, and can withstand the cooler weather during this time.
  • Outdoor Rugs – Cute and practical! Bring your space together with an outdoor rug.

4. Games

Outdoor games are great for all ages! Have a competitive game with friends or teach a new game to your smaller family members.

  • Giant Connect Four – Portable and affordable! This is a game everyone knows how to play.
  • Tiki Toss – Ideal for parties and bar games.This game is easy to install and brings a friendly competition to any setting.
  • Jumbo Jenga – Talk about a classic! It doesn’t get any better than this nostalgic game in jumbo form. Try your own variations and rules to make this the timeless game you remember!