5 Reasons You Should Go Aluminum

Since the 1900s Aluminum has been a part of the construction industry. One of the most famous buildings in the Country, the Empire State Building, utilized aluminum. Here at Tool Time you can find aluminum awnings, carports, screen rooms and sunrooms.

  1. Why We Value Aluminum 
  • A light-weight and strong metal with natural corrosion resistance, aluminum is the third most abundant element on Earth.
  • Aluminum has a high strength to weight ratio and durability.
  • Aluminum is unique and has the quality of light weight and structural strength which makes it an ideal material for sunroom structures. 
  1. Longevity
    • When living in an area such as Florida prone to high winds, rain, or extreme heat year after year aluminum awnings will withstand the elements.
    • Areas of the home that are covered by aluminum awnings can be up to 20% cooler.
    • Unlike wood, there is no dry rot, peeling, or corroding you need to worry about.
  1. Affordable
    • Aluminum is cheaper than metal awnings. In addition aluminum awnings that are smaller in size with a traditional shape are even more cost-effective than others.
    • Aluminum awnings come with insulating layers, which absorb heat and promote cooler temperatures in the shade.
  1. Low Maintenance 
    •  The only regular maintenance that is required is spraying them off with a hose to remove any dirt buildup on the surface.
    • Aluminum is naturally rust resistant which makes it a low maintenance option.
    •  You won’t have to worry about termites or any other wood-destroying insect problem with our aluminum awnings, sunrooms, carports, or screen rooms.