5 Tips For Building a Shed That Lasts a Lifetime

Sheds are the eighth most popular outdoor structure, according to a 2017 Residential Landscape survey. Storage sheds are a great project for the do it yourself enthusiasts, and for those in need of storage buildings for their properties.

There is a lot that goes into building on of these, however, much like constructing decks or porches. Shed builders need to account for a lot of factors, especially if they want it to last for years to come.

The Right Spot
You need to pick the right spot when you’re building your shed, and that’s even more important than keeping it accessible. It needs to be in a place that allows it to hold up against weather and other conditions. It needs to be level and with good drainage.

And, depending on the materials, you need to make sure it gets good sunlight daily. This is more geared towards sheds made of wood, as moisture will cause it to rot and warp.

Top Quality Materials
You don’t want to skimp on the materials for your shed, that will cost you in the long run. For instance, choice of metal siding and roofing is important especially near the coastline where saltwater corrosion could be a factor over the long term. A metal siding shed can cost less than a wood or fiber cement siding shed to construct, but there may be additional advantages in having a hard surface exterior. These factors all depend on your location and intended use of the shed.

If you’re using a paintable wood or fiber cement siding product, you want to use all-weather paint, and to prime the wood before painting so that it has a good base to adhere to. The point is that spending a little more on your storage buildings can save a lot in terms of future costs.

Have a Solid Foundation
An unsteady ground can lead to the entire structure being unstable, no matter how sturdy your shed may be. You should use either adequate concrete blocks, wood post piers or even a solid concrete slab to lay a solid base when you start building, all depending on your site and ground conditions, as well as your intended use. A proper foundation means that you won’t have to worry about your shed shifting apart in the future.

Taking a bit of extra time and money to build your shed can give you the best possible results. You want to have the best materials and the best structural integrity. This is supposed to last a lifetime, after all.

If you have any questions about shed building, or what materials you should build your shed with, please contact us. We’re experts in the field.