How to decorate your Man Cave Shed!

Fridge & Bar

Beer fridges are optimized for your beer, so you’ll want to adjust your fridge closer to 35°F. Beer fridges can be works of art since the glass door on the fridge displays all the awesome craft beers you’ve been collecting.

What is a Man Cave without a bar? The best part about having a bar in your man cave is you decide when it is “open” or “closed,” when  “last call” is, and your mixed drink opportunities are endless!


Seating is an important aspect of your Man Cave! From folding chairs to bar stools, you’ve got to have seating in your man cave. Some of the fancier Man Cave Sheds have genuine leather recliners, but it is totally up to you. Base it on your budget and your theme. If you are going for a laid-back sports bar type of Man Cave, the foldable chairs will do the job. If you’re looking for something more modern with a cigar lounge vibe, a leather recliner or a mahogany throne will match much more!


Decorating your Man Cave makes it your own. You can have flags of your favorite sports teams on the wall, a neon beer sign, or even a poster of your favorite movie. The more personalized you make it the more you will want to show it off and spend time hanging out in it!


Any games will make your Man Cave Shed more enjoyable. A dart board can be easy to find, cheap, and simple to install. Ring toss is also a great option. You can install the wall size ring toss or you can purchase a table top, double-sided, ring toss. There are several choices for customizable styles for games in your Man Cave. If you go with a large-sized Man Cave Shed, a pool table or poker table may be what you are looking for. 

TV’s & Speakers for music

A TV is a focal point for every Man Cave. It does not have to be a wall-to-wall TV, it can be an old one you already have. You can use your current bedroom TV to put in your Man Cave Shed and upgrade the one in your home. Use the TV in your shed to watch the game, play video games, or enjoy your favorite TV show. If a TV is not in the budget you can always add a Bluetooth®  speaker to your Man Cave Shed! Whether it is a portable speaker or one you need to install, music will make your space even more authentic to you! Create a “Man Cave playlist” to use whenever you are spending time in your space.