Short on Space? Consider One of These Additions for Your Home

When homeowners begin to find that their home is simply too small for their needs, they may consider adding an addition. Additions can make great options instead of having to buy a bigger house. However, most homeowners don’t know where to begin when planning to add on additional space to their home. This article will discuss a few common additions homeowners can consider.

Sunrooms: Sunrooms are often underrated. Poor installation of materials can lead to sun rooms being too hot or too cold and uncomfortable to use. However, with today’s technology and knowledge, sunrooms can make a wonderful addition to any home. Think of a sunroom as halfway between an outdoor deck or a screened in porch and a complete room addition. Sun rooms allow homeowners to enjoy the view of their outdoor environment with more of an indoor climate. With materials like thermal resistant glass, homeowners can enjoy the outdoors all year long — without dealing with the varying temperatures and other external elements like pesky insects.

Room addition: This is the most simple and common type of house addition. For homeowners who are simply looking for an additional bedroom, more living room space, or maybe a dining room, a standard room addition is a great option. Generally, if homeowners are going to the trouble of adding additional standard living space, they’ll add more than one room during the project. This may be a much longer project than a one-room addition, but it can pay off big in the end.

Garage conversion: If a garage goes mostly unused, homeowners may consider converting it to additional living space. This makes a convenient choice because the area is already there; it just needs to be finished off. Depending on the size and foundation of the garage, it can be used for almost anything – like an additional bedroom or extra entertaining space. With a little renovating work and some furniture, homeowners can turn their unused garage into a functional part of their home.

If homeowners are looking for additional storage space but don’t necessarily want to add to their existing structure, there are options for unattached storage buildings. Portable garages, sheds, and pole barns all make great options for additional storage and usable areas without having to add on to a home. When purchasing sheds and other storage structures, it’s important to determine current needs for space and add an extra 25% for future storage needs.

Running out of space in a home is often a common problem. But with the right contractor and a good plan to add a functional addition, homeowners can enjoy their current home, just with more space.